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Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Pneumatic Conveying: Choosing Between a Mechanical and a Pneumatic Conveyor, 1/13

CD of live broadcast 1/8/2013

The webinar will compare the primary differences between Pneumatic Conveying and Mechanical Conveying. Advantages and disadvantages of each approach, as well as operating parameters such as energy requirements, maintenance and availability, will be highlighted.

The mechanical systems that will be considered are belt, screw, aeromechanical, and bucket conveyors and chain-conveyors. The pneumatic systems will include both vacuum and pressure as well as dilute- and dense-phase.

The webinar will compare mechanical and pneumatic systems in the following areas:

  • Capital Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Safety Considerations
  • Energy Consumption
  • Environmental Concerns (both atmospheric and plant as well as noise)
  • Product Quality Concerns

Wherever possible, the webinar will focus on quantitative comparisons, but qualitative comparisons will also be made. The webinar will treat individual topics separately and also provide a summary table for a "snapshot" analysis.

Presenters: Jack Hilbert and Paul Solt

Moderator: Robert Harkin, Associate Editor of Powder and Bulk Engineering

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